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Category: Race & Ethnicity

    How White Supremacy Shows up in our lives

    White supremacy takes many roles in our classroom, what are some ways we can start thinking about it?

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    How to Promote Ethnic Identity While Teaching Regular Subjects

    Integrating ethnic identity exploration into teaching isn’t just an educational strategy; it’s a commitment to social justice and equity. Inspired by Dr. André J. Branch’s research, this approach emphasizes collaboration between teachers, parents, and students to create a supportive environment for ethnic identity development. By embracing these principles, educators...

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    Multicultural Event Ideas for the School Community

    Multicultural events are important opportunities that bring our school community together to celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions, and backgrounds that make us who we are. They create meaningful opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and parents from various cultural backgrounds to connect, understand each other better, and build mutual respect....

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    Artistic Project: Expressing Ethnic-Racial Identity (ERI) Through Visual Art

    This project aims to give students a creative space to explore and express their Ethnic-Racial Identity (ERI) through visual art, encouraging self-reflection and celebrating cultural diversity.

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    Activity: Reflecting on Ethnic-Racial Identity (ERI) for Teachers

    Description of ERI: Ethnic-Racial Identity (ERI) refers to how individuals perceive and identify with their ethnic and racial backgrounds. It encompasses feelings of pride, connection, and belonging to one’s cultural heritage, as well as how individuals perceive societal attitudes towards their ethnic or racial group. ERI is dynamic and...

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    Race and Ethnicity in Today’s Classroom

    In classrooms across the United States, the presence of ethnic and racial diversity is a given, even if it isn't always visible.

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    Should We Address All Racial Jokes?

    Think back to a time when you heard a joke about an ethnic-racial group or one with racial undertones. It might seem like the context—such as who is telling the joke and who is listening—matters most in determining the impact.

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