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Meet Livie Zodros, Guadeloupe

“The best surgeon in the world always needs several people in the operating room.” – Researcher Philippe Tremblay

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Livie Zodros. I am a specialized teacher (holder of the Professional Certificate for Inclusive School Practices – CAPPEI) in SEGPA1 at Albert Baclet Middle School in Saint-Louis de Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe. I started my career in the Créteil academy and then worked for three years at the Alexandre Dumas French High School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It has now been three years since I chose to return to live on the island of Marie-Galante, where I am originally from.

What inspired you to become an educator?

Since I was little, I always wanted to work with children. Their joy and simplicity are contagious. When I look at my health record, it shows that I wanted to be either a pediatrician, a juvenile judge, or a teacher. I believe this last wish has become my ikigai. It’s not only my profession but also my passion. I think I am gifted in teaching and training, and besides, the world needs teachers.

Can you share a memorable success story from your career?

Every time my students succeed and make progress, those are memorable stories for me. The student with autism spectrum disorder who finds their place in the class, starts out minimally verbal, and we eventually find ways to communicate—that’s a memorable story for me. But each of their journeys is memorable, no matter their starting point on the path to knowledge.

As for me, my latest achievement is obtaining the CAPPEI diploma. I received quality training to effectively handle significant academic difficulties and students with disabilities. I am constantly improving; I still have much to learn, but it’s a good start. I hope to continue growing professionally to offer increasingly high-quality education to my students.

What unique strengths do you bring to your work?

I believe my optimism and good humor are my greatest strengths. I believe in everyone’s success. I don’t judge my students or their families; I support them as best as I can based on their needs and my resources.

What are your passions, and what motivates you in life?

I love dancing, listening to music, watching movies, anime, series, playing video games or board games, and reading, mainly love stories or manga. I also enjoy traveling physically or through culinary experiences, going to the theater, cinema, museum, and opera. I love going out and embracing culture.

Above all, I adore spending time with God, my family, and my friends. I love helping others and being useful. All of this drives me.

What do diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mean to you, and how do they manifest in your daily routine?

There’s so much to say, but a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I’ll leave you to ponder that.

I will simply say that each of my choices and actions aims to promote and implement inclusion daily, at my level. I try to do a little better each day.

In your opinion, what are the most important steps that schools can take to create a more inclusive and equitable educational environment for all—students, teachers, and staff?

To me, there are two key elements: cooperation and transparent, clear, and healthy communication among all members of the educational community.

Bonus: Do you have a quote to inspire us?

Researcher Philippe Tremblay said in a conference at the University of Rouen, France: “The best surgeon in the world always needs several people in the operating room.” This phrase particularly impacts me because it is a constant reminder that we are not alone; we are a team. Every member of the educational community is important.

  1. it’s essentially a class for students who struggle with learning that prepares them to go into vocational industries after graduating. ↩︎

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  1. Melissa

    Your students are lucky to have you 🙏🏾

  2. Éric

    Quelle bonne idée de célébrer les enseignants !
    On travaille dur pour très peu de reconnaissance malheureusement. Merci

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