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Meet Myriam Lemailloux, Los Angeles

“The Time is always right to do what is right. ” Martin Luther King.Jr

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Myriam, a blend of Ivorian, French, and American heritage. Born in the Ivory Coast, I spent 6 years in France before moving to Los Angeles, where I’ve lived for the past 22 years. I have a deep passion for playing soccer, working out, teaching, and cherishing moments with my family.

What inspired you to become an educator?
My mother, a dedicated teacher for 30 years, is my greatest inspiration. I believe that being an educator means embracing lifelong learning, and the opportunity to share knowledge and educate others is immensely fulfilling. For me, education is life. My students also inspire me daily; witnessing their cognitive growth and seeing them thrive motivates my passion and commitment to teaching.

What unique strengths do you bring to your work?
I bring several unique strengths to my work. Firstly, my fluency in both French and English allows me to communicate effectively and bridge language barriers. Additionally, I have a strong ability to support my colleagues and neurodivergent students, ensuring that all learners receive the assistance they need. My diverse background, having lived in the Ivory Coast, France, and the United States, makes me relatable to our diverse families and enhances my ability to connect with students from various cultural backgrounds.

Can you share a memorable success story from your career?
Seven years ago, I fulfilled a long-held dream by becoming an English teacher. Speaking English has always been a passion of mine, and being able to teach it now feels like a true success. Additionally, witnessing my students read proficiently by the end of their first learning cycle is a rewarding achievement that I have the honor of experiencing every year in my career.

What is your passion, and what motivates you in your role as an educator?
My passion lies in creating a safe and joyful environment for all my diverse learners. What motivates me as an educator is seeing my students thrive and learn at their own pace. Collaborating with my colleagues to find innovative ways to support every student is a significant source of inspiration for me. Additionally, I have a deep passion for continually learning new approaches and implementing innovative methods in the classroom.

What are your passions and what motivates you in life?

My interests revolve around learning and making a positive impact. I love exploring new ideas and gaining knowledge in different areas. Sharing what I learn to help and support others brings me joy. I enjoy solving problems and assisting people.

Apart from learning, I also enjoy staying active and living healthily. It’s important for me to encourage those around me, including my students, to prioritize their well-being. Ensuring others’ happiness and wellness is a key part of what motivates me.

Most importantly, what motivates me the most is the chance to create a significant impact in the world. Whether it’s helping others grasp difficult concepts, building strong relationships, or promoting empathy and understanding, these activities inspire me every day. Seeing growth and progress, both in myself and those I interact with, strengthens my dedication to lifelong learning and personal growth.

What is DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) for you, and what does it look like in your daily routine?
For me, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) means fostering a classroom and school environment where our differences and similarities are both celebrated and respected. I strive to ensure that all my students and their families feel represented in our curriculum. In my daily routine, I celebrate students, invite them and their families to share their cultures with us, and treat everyone with fairness and respect. I teach my students to love who they are and to be open- minded about others.

In your opinion, what are the most important steps that schools can take to create a more inclusive and equitable educational environment for all students, faculty, and staff?

In my opinion, to create a more inclusive and equitable educational environment, schools should: Provide spaces for students, faculty, and staff to express feelings, concerns, and suggestions through regular meetings and anonymous feedback. Schools should Prioritize faculty and staff well-being with access to counseling, mental health days, wellness programs, and professional development. Offer regular training on cultural competency, implicit bias, and inclusive teaching practices. Ensure the curriculum reflects the diversity of the student body, incorporating materials from various cultures and identities. Provide equitable access to resources like tutoring, mentoring, financial assistance, and extracurricular opportunities, especially for marginalized students. Develop and enforce policies promoting equity and inclusion, addressing discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Involve families and the community in the educational process through cultural events and partnerships with local organizations. Strive for a diverse faculty and staff that reflect the student population to provide relatable role models. Implementing these steps will support the growth and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff.

Bonus: Do you have a quote to inspire us?

Few of my favorites

    1. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela
    2. “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” John Dewey
    3. “The Time is always right to do what is right. ” Martin Luther King.Jr

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    1. Audrey Sebastiao

      If I may add a strength you bring to your work, it’s your smile. Your smile is a powerful tool—it brings joy and positive vibes to places that aren’t always healthy. It shows your ability to stay positive and prioritize well-being, which is so important. Having someone like you in our environment makes a huge difference. Thank for being you.

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